Hi I’m Raymond McGill, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Energy Destination.

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Whether you need information about solar panels, living off-grid, building a new home, altering an existing structure, or you just want to save a few dollars on your utility bills – you will find the answers here. We are dedicated to conducting excellent research and turning that into the information that you need.

Embark with us as we explore the fascinating world of alternative energy.

Sources for alternative energy can be broken down into 7 general categories:

  •         Geothermal power (solar)
  •         Natural gas
  •         Wave energy
  •         Biomass energy
  •         Hydrogen gas
  •         Wind energy
  •         Tidal energy

The most basic definition of alternative energy sources is any energy source that does not deplete natural resources or cause harm to the environment. The use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and nuclear power causes great harm to our planet. Conventional forms of energy are considered non-renewable. It can take centuries to replenish what humans use during the course of one hour.

Alternative energy sources allow renewability, are cost-saving, and leave a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment. If you’re thinking about building a tiny house in the woods with solar power we’ll have information for you. Want to power your suburban garage with wind power? We’ll have information for you. Need to know how to run electricity to your man cave for the 72-inch TV you just installed? We’ll have something for you too.

So if saving the earth’s resources, making a smaller imprint on the planet, saving a few dollars in utility bills, or just being the goofy old cat lady on the cul-de-sac with a windmill in her yard is for you – this is your Energy Destination.

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Raymond McGill