We are used to Samsung dominating the smartphone market with their sleek and highly efficient phones. However, they also manufacturer others products like washing machines and dryers.

It seems they are on a forward trend to innovate every electronic device and machine possible. While they have succeeded in accomplishing their target with most things, they aren’t so fortunate in others.

Some of the better ideas include being able to order grocery items from the tablet on your fridge. Yes, this is a little ingenious. But don’t forget their ActiveWash utility sink. It ranks highly on our list of some of the greatest inventions of modern times.

So, let’s review the Samsung AddWash WF6500 and see if it lives up to some of its maker’s best innovations, or not.

Specifications and Dimensions of the Samsung AddWash WF6500

If you are looking for the best clean from each laundry load, then the Samsung smart washer is a good choice.

If any item is found after the cycle begins, just unfasten the AddWash door to add in any forgotten laundry handily. This washing machine takes care of a full stack of clothes in just 36 minutes.

Then, if you want to go a little faster, just select the “super speed” cycle.

If you are on the go, then your Smartphone will give a great assist via the app. You can control the cycles and monitor the loads right there from your handy Smartphone.

The Samsung AddWash WF6500 is Built for Great Cleaning

This washing machine allows you to put in forgotten laundry detergent effortlessly. The Samsung AddWash WF6500 also manages a huge load in just over 30 minutes.

You don’t have to use pre-treatment to tackle stubborn stains because the “steam wash” setting gives you the power of steam to eliminate them. Then there is the Smart Home app that aptly links you to the machine when you are not at home.

Wash Days Are So Much Simpler

With a 4.5 cu. ft. capacity machine, you can get through more clothes in less time. The Samsung AddWash WF6500 has:

  • 14 preset wash cycles cover almost any cleaning need for your active family.
  • 12 wash options to enhance your wash cycle
  • 1300 RPM maximum spin speed helps you get more laundry done faster.
  • AddWash WF6500 is Devised for a Long Life

    This Samsung washing machine uses VRT Plus Technology to minimize noise levels. So, it is more efficient than 40% of the machines with typical vibration reduction technology.  

    It also uses Self Clean+ to maintain a clean and odor-free laundry drum. If your laundry develops any issues, just use your Smart Care app to troubleshoot the issues right from your electronic device. The Samsung WF45K6500AW/A2 diamond drum design extends clothing life by treating fabrics gently.

    As it pertains to the inner workings of the machine, the direct drive motor works without belts or gears, making the washer quieter and more durable.

    In terms of its physical specifications and dimensions. The Samsung WF45K6500AW/A2 4.5 cu. ft. Smart Front-Load Washer with AddWash has:

  • Capacity: 4.5 Cu. Ft.
  • Wash Cycles: 14
  • Max Spin Speed (RPM): 1300
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Steam Cycle: Yes
  • Type: Front Load
    • Width : 27"
    • Depth: 34"
    • Height : 38 3/4"
    • CEE Rating: Tier II

    AddWash WF6500 Performance & Features

    The Samsung AddWash WF6500 gives the best of both worlds when it comes to washing your laundry loads. It is a heavy-duty workaholic and will churn for a good many years to make sure that you do not regret your investment. Especially if you have a big family, you need to pack at least three loads at once, to benefit from a machine like the this. And so you can, because it comes with a 5.0-cu.-ft. drum.

    There is a “super speed’ cycle, which will cut down your cycle times and save you from spending so much time on laundry. This is possible due to the aggressive spray pattern. A wash that typically takes 45 minutes, can now take 30 minutes.

    If getting rid of those stubborn stains is your goal, then rest assured that the AddWash WF6500 can change gears to offer you a great clean.

    In just an hour and a half, the machine can push through and eradicate all the red wine, sweat, and oil stains. It supplies a chilly “eco cold” cycle for those who prefer to save on energy. You can expect this cycle to last for 55 minutes. There is no risk to your colored clothes and your heating bill will also be a bit more relaxed.

    Lastly, we truly are fond of the capability to include additional spins to a cycle.

    There are washing machines that permit you to boost the spin speed. However, when it comes to more bulky items like comforters, having additional spins to a cycle is rather helpful to get rid of the excess water.

    So, if you examine it closely, over 15 – 20 minutes in a washer decreases the amount of time that the comforter will take in a power hungry, dryer, by about an hour.

    AddWash WF6500 Warranty and Extras

    For parts and labor, Samsung offers a one-year WF50K7500AW's warranty. You can also access a three-year warranty and a ten-year warranty.

    To receive warranty service, the purchaser must contact SAMSUNG for problem determination and service procedures.

    Warranty service can only be performed by a SAMSUNG authorized service center.

    To receive in-home service, the product must be unobstructed and accessible to the service agent. If service is not available, SAMSUNG may elect to provide transportation of the product to and from an authorized service center.

    SAMSUNG will repair, replace, or refund this product at our option and at no charge as stipulated herein, with new or reconditioned parts or products if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above.

    All replaced parts and products become the property of SAMSUNG and must be returned to SAMSUNG.

    Visit the Samsung website for a comprehensive outline of their plans.

    The Machine’s Wash Test and Review

    washing machine

    To assess the Samsung AddWash WF6500 cleaning performance and efficiency properly, we had to do a wash test. It was the only way to measure correctly for ourselves how best the machine performed.

    Samsung AddWash WF6500 Cleaning Performance

    washing machine performance

    We try to assess this aspect of the review in a very objective way. Rather than eyeballing stains, we employed technological assistance via sensors and computers to assess stain removal.

    First, we collected a bit of clothing that was mechanically immersed in a variety of stains ranging from blood to chocolate. Then we combined it with a normal load of laundry including pillowcases, bed linen, and towels. After removing the load, we used a photo spectrometer, to assess accurately how much of the stain was washed out.

    As you would have thought, the heavy-duty cycle had the optimum performance. It got rid of the stains.

    It took almost two hours to motor through every single one of the stains we tested. And by the time, we were finished, we were at 117ºF and used 21 gallons of water. The whites cycle was the runner-up, by getting rid of 8% fewer stains. But most notably, it took that cycle one hour compared to the heavy-duty cycle. Normal Cycle was next.

    When looking into one stain at a time, the washing machine followed typical patterns. It performed well in opposition to protein and cocoa stains. The machine had a proper temperature profile, by heating up the water at the right moment.

    It did not perform as well against sweat and oil stains. The machine just needed to make the water hot enough to combat these two stains properly.

    Samsung AddWash WF6500 Efficiency

    These machines perform two tasks washing and drying. Therefore, a proper machine must do both aspects of its job very well.

    If you notice at the end of a cycle, sometimes your clothes are well on its way to being dry, before being put in a dryer. That’s because the washer spins out the excess water. And as anyone knows, the dryer can use up a lot of energy or electricity in any one cycle.

    This AddWash WF6500 was not exceedingly efficient in this regard, it only got rid of a third of a trial load's heaviness in water. The least we expect is half of its weight.

    Efficiency, for the duration of the washing process, takes into consideration both the water and wattmeters.

    The Samsung WF50K7500AW is a Good Washer

    Girl with thumbs up

    Samsung is a first-rate brand that delivers superior products. Therefore, the Samsung AddWash is also worthy of any customers time.

    The WF50K7500AW does exceedingly well, when it comes to having your laundry come out looking clean and smelling good. There is no doubt this machine can handle a plethora of laundry loads and just keep in going like a prize-winning stallion.

    What Do Buyers of the Samsung AddWash WF6500 Say?

    group feedback

    Is the Samsung AddWash Worth Your Money?

    Regardless of their opinions, it is important that you do your own due diligence. The information provided in this article on the Samsung AddWash WF6500 is extensive.

    We hope it helps you to choose the best product for you and your family.

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