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Dishwashers are an important resource that many of us use in our daily life. Yet, it’s rare that we take the time to appreciate them, until of course they break down and need to be replaced.

While buying a new dishwasher can be an exciting experience, it can also be overwhelming considering how many features there are to consider.

In this article, we discuss the Kenmore 14543 dishwasher, which is considered one of the more popular models in Kenmore’s lineup. First, we offer a brief overview of this dishwasher, emphasizing its benefits and drawbacks. Then, we compare it to similar products from competitors, finally offering our thoughts as to how worthy of purchase the Kenmore 14543 is.

We hope our in-depth discussion of this dishwasher will make the market more manageable should you want to purchase this appliance.

An Overview of the Kenmore 14543

The Kenmore 14543 dishwasher can be purchased at Sears and fits 24-inch wide spaces.

This is a mostly stainless-steel dishwasher, as the rack material is nylon.

Additionally, the Kenmore 14543 dishwasher has a noise level of 48 dBA, making it relatively quiet when compared to the loudest dishwashers on the market.

This dishwasher uses a PowerWave spray warm in order to spray your dishes from both sides.

There are two main racks as well as a removable third upper rack that is ideal for spatulas and other large utensils.

The time remaining in each cycle is also displayed at the top of the door.

There are 6 automatic cycle options that users can choose from when starting a cycle, including a quick 1-hour rinse cycle.

This dishwasher is also Energy Star compliant, meaning it has met a set of stringent standards concerning energy efficiency.

The Benefits of the Kenmore 14543

One of the main benefits of this Kenmore dishwasher is its affordable price. Customers will receive an appliance that will last for at least 10 years. Most importantly, this appliance is manufactured by Kenmore, which has a fantastic reputation in the appliance industry.

Many customers claim that they decided to take a chance on this Kenmore 14543 even though it was cheaper than their previous dishwasher. Yet, their risk paid off, as this dishwasher performs at a similar level to more expensive dishwashers.

Furthermore, the removable third rack is a fantastic feature that many dishwashers in its class do not offer. This third rack is ideal for long utensils that don’t fit on one of the two bottom racks.

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Even though this rack might seem pointless to some, it actually helps you become more energy efficient. This is because it encourages you to load more dishes and utensils in the dishwasher before running a cycle. This leads to less cycles and more saved energy.

Some critics might claim that loading the dishwasher might make it less efficient, but this is only the case with inferior dishwashers. The Kenmore 14543 has a smart sensor that enables it to adjust the water amount and temperature based on the kind of dishes are inside. This means you never have to worry about wasted water, as the machine is able to use more or less depending on the needs of each cycle.

In this sense, the Kenmore 14543 handles large or small loads perfectly, often doing so at a low volume. This is important, as many users like to run their dishwasher after a meal while also staying in the kitchen or in an adjacent room. Some loud dishwashers result in stressful disturbances in these settings, as the annoying background sounds of the dishwasher make it difficult to socialize or meditate.

It’s especially important to free yourself of stress following a meal in order to optimize digestion, making the Kenmore 14543 one of the best dishwashers to support a healthy, happy, peaceful lifestyle.

The Benefits of the PowerWave Spray Arm

The PowerWave Spray arm featured in the Kenmore 14543 is significant because it results in a more comprehensive clean each cycle.

This is because this technology allows the dishes to be sprayed from two sides rather than just one angle, as many inferior dishwashers do.

This is significant because it means that you’ll have to re-run cycles less frequently. This is a common occurrence with many inferior dishwashers that don’t get the job done right the first time. This not only leads to a higher energy bill but less time that you can use your dishes. These inferior dishwashers leave certain evasive food compounds still on your dishes, forcing you to distinguish which ones are clean and which need to be re-washed.

This is a hassle that the Kenmore 14543 allows you to avoid. Customers have claimed that this appliance delivers sparkling results practically every time.

The Benefits of the Quick Rinse Cycle

There is a 1-hour quick rinse cycle option on this Kenmore dishwasher, which makes it ideal for anyone that needs clean dishes quickly.

This is especially important if you entertain guests that bring their own dishes. It’s considered a great display of hospitality to return your guests dish to them in a clean state, but dishwashers without quick rinse options can’t accomplish this.

Some dishwashers only have cycle options from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. These dishwashers might be efficient, but they are less dynamic if you need to run an emergency load.

It might seem insignificant, but even an hour can make a difference. Just imagine a couple entertaining two guests at their home before going to a movie. If the two guests bring dishes, then the couple would likely be able to run a quick dishwasher cycle before leaving for the movie.

Without this option, the guests would either have to bring their dirty dishes with them or sacrifice precious social time in order to clean and dry their belongings by hand. Or, an arrangement would have to be made for the dishes to be exchanged in the future, though this is often a pain that most people procrastinate on.

The Benefits of the Energy Star Compliance

One unrecognizable benefit of the Kenmore 14543 is its compliance with the Energy Star standards for dishwashers, which are set by the EPA.

These standards were created in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are caused when appliances are inefficiently used. In addition, this distinction allows customers to easily notice which products are energy efficient, so they can make a better decision.

Ultimately, earning this distinction is important considering how unsustainable many businesses have become over the years. It’s important to support businesses that design efficient products that are sustainable, leading to a healthier, happier planet.

Products that are not Energy Star compliant are not at the cutting-edge when it comes to energy efficiency. These products might offer some handy features, but they don’t directly emphasize environmental sustainability.

With the Kenmore 14543, you can be assured your dollar is supporting a company with the energy needs of the planet in mind. Most importantly, this appliance will allow you to show your support for the planet by reducing your own carbon footprint.

The Drawbacks of the Kenmore 14543

Even though the Kenmore 14543 has many attractive features, it’s by no means a perfect dishwasher.

Many dishwashers exist with a lower sound level, many in the lower 40’s and upper 30’s when considering dBA. This makes them essentially silent, which means less of your thoughts will be devoted to your dishwasher.

Even though the Kenmore 14543 is considered quiet, some customers have still commented that the appliance can be disruptive if you are doing an especially quiet activity while it’s running, like reading a book or watching a movie. While the entire cycle won’t be loud, there are loud parts that could negatively impact your concentration.

Essentially, if you are extremely sensitive to sound, then we suggest going with a more expensive product with a dBA in the lower 40’s. This kind of machine would allow you to run the dishwasher anytime you want without worrying about it conflicting with some activity. Since the Kenmore 14543 does produce some noticeable sound, it might not be ideal for these kinds of sensitive customers.

How Does the Kenmore 14543 Compare to Competitor Products?

Bosch is another reputable manufacturer of dishwashers. At the price point of the Kenmore 14543, the Bosch 300 Series is a popular option.

Even though the Bosch 300 series is more expensive than the Kenmore 14543, it has a 46 dBA noise level, making it ideal for sensitive households wanting a quieter dishwasher.

Furthermore, the Bosch 300 Series is unique when compared to the Kenmore 14543 because it projects a red light on the floor when the dishwasher is running. This also allows you to determine if the dishwasher cycle is completed in a simple glance.

While this feature might seem insignificant, it could benefit anyone who is constantly on the go and hardly has time to check on the status of each dishwasher cycle. This might be the case for parents whose mind is often devoted to their children. This demographic of users might want a quick way to determine if the dishwasher cycle is complete.

The red light on the Bosch 300 series facilitates this efficient appraisal of household chores. Parents are constantly multi-tasking, and this light could empower them even more. It could mean avoiding having to put down many bags, screaming children, and car keys just to open the dishwasher and check its status. If an overwhelmed mother has the Bosch 300 series, she can just look at the ground beneath the dishwasher before fluidly exiting the house.

Our Final Thoughts on Reviewing Dishwashers

We think that choosing a dishwasher is no easy task. Relatively speaking, some dishwashers are cheaper than others. However, when considering all the purchases that you will make over the course of your lifetime, a dishwasher is a pretty big investment.


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As such, it’s important to really reflect on the features you need and the features you want as well as the difference between the two.

As we’ve gone to great lengths to explicate above, every detail of a dishwasher matter. In this sense, you should definitely do your research meticulously and deeply consider your budget before purchasing one.

Sometimes one of the best ways to do research on a dishwasher is to interact with it in store first. This can give you a preview as to what owning that dishwasher would be like. Also, these previews can sometimes break down illusions we were maintaining, like convincing ourselves we could get by with only two racks.

Sometimes simply opening the door and reaching inside a dishwasher makes us realize that three racks are a must.

Our Final Thoughts on the Kenmore 14543

We think the Kenmore 14543 is an affordable dishwasher that certainly has many attractive features. If you are looking for a durable dishwasher, then the Kenmore 14543 is the way to go.

If you want a dishwasher that is quieter and has more features, then we suggest the Bosch 300 Series.

You have to remember though that Bosch has a fantastic reputation in the dishwasher industry. Thus, even though their dishwashers are more expensive than some with seemingly identical features, each Bosch product benefits from unmatched wisdom and cutting-edge innovation. This means Bosch’s products are reliable and durable in a way that other products are not.

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