The Bosch 800 series 24-inch, 10 cubic-foot counter-depth stainless steel refrigerator/freezer combo offers a wide array of features and amenities that are destined to become the highlight of any modern kitchen. You’ll find glass doors, LED lighting throughout, VitaFresh drawers, a built-in freezer, hidden door hinges, separate fridge and freezer evaporators, an ENERGY STAR efficiency rating, and more.

Plus, there is a built-in wine rack for conveniently chilling five of your favorite wines and electronic digital controls will allow you to manage every area of the fridge with precision. Highlights include the ability to control humidity for crisp veggies and ample storage in a small form factor that will fit anywhere.

The model is now a couple of years old now, but Bosch reportedly pictured its 800 series refrigerators in small kitchens and apartments, or as mother-in-law suite appliances. So, if you need a great little fridge that will fit into a tight space, an apartment, or even a tiny house that offers a lot of features and ample storage, the Bocsh B10CB80NVS may just be the fridge for you.

A Closer Look at the Bocsh B10CB80NVS

This 24-inch glass door refrigerator (with a stainless steel on glass finish) was first available for purchase in 2015, the same year the company also introduced both gas and electric cooktops.  Reportedly, Bosch relied heavily on European living space inspiration for the design and concept of their 24-inch counter-depth, handle-free Bosch B10CB80NVS and 800 series refrigerators.

Both slim and minimalistic in its looks and design, the Bosch B10CB80NVS is, all things considered, pretty tech-heavy, and it offers the ability to control temperature zones and drawers all from a single console. Plus, the handy reversible-hinge fridge and the freezer come complete with their own evaporator that you can also control at the digital console.

On the inside of the fridge, you’ll find lots of LEDs and 10 cubic feet of storage in total. There is also a fruit/vegetable drawer and a bottom freezer with three modular drawers. Moreover, you will find two metal-trimmed, spill-proof, adjustable shelves, and three door bins with plenty of space, including compartments that can accommodate gallon jugs. There is also a humidity-controlled produce drawer for overripe items and other perishable fruit and veggies.

Plus, there are thoughtful touches that you are not going to see in most fridges, even full-sized ones. The egg trays, berry tray, and wire wine rack are nice, if not European, additions that everyone can appreciate. And the innovation does not stop there, as the freezer with ice maker includes removable drawers for a variety of storage configurations.

About Bosch: History and Innovation

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Bosch is a company has been around for an astoundingly long time, and its roots can be traced back as far as 1886 when, according to their website, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart, Germany.

Their philosophy, we are told, though, has always been marked by “innovative drive and social commitment.” And, throughout the 1990’s, Bosch was at the forefront of automobile innovation, with contributions along the lines of engine modifications, fuel injection, and anti-lock brakes.

In recent years, Bosch has carved a name for itself in the tool market for its laser levels and for its line of ultra-quiet running dishwashers. So, when it came to designing a slim 24-in fridge and freezer combo with many of the features of a full-sized one, their engineers at the company started up the thinktank and produced the small but elegant Bosch B10CB80NVS as a result.

Cutting-edge digital technology and LED lighting were used to keep the slim fridge’s energy consumption down, resulting in a cool ENERGY STAR rating of 435 kWh/Yr. So, in a rather perfect scenario,  you can save on your energy bill and keep your lettuce perfectly crisp at the same time.

Downsizing your Fridge: the Bad, the Good, the Ugly

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A typical side-by-side refrigerator can measure between 30 and 36-inches in width, so the idea of downsizing a fridge can call to mind a big box store clearance section wasteland of white or black plastic in various odd sizes. But, instead of another drab option, Bosch has put forth an elegant little fridge with some of the features of full-sized models.

That is what makes the European-inspired 24-inch glass door Bosch B10CB80NVS so interesting. While it is true you are not likely to find the Bosch name brand in the clearance section, the 800 series fridges do offer a pleasant alternative to box store appliance clearance wastelands. Brushed metal and glass, LED lighting, and a digital control panel means this fridge punches well above its weight class.

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You are going to find these luxury features – like LED lighting and 10 cubic feet of storage – in a fridge that is 12 inches slimmer inside than its full-sized brethren. Perfect for apartments or small farmhouse kitchens, the Bosch B10CB80NVS may also be the perfect solution for those who do not need all 18 cubic feet of a full-sized fridge.

Moreover, with the worldwide push for fresh local foods, the argument for smaller fridges might just catch on. We all know how it feels to reach deep into a refrigerator and pull out a moldy, repulsive jar of something that should have been put out of its misery long ago, and the case can certainly be made that a smaller fridge means less “on the cusp” food to hoard.

But don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that buying a Bosch B10CB80NVS will help you clean up your life (or your food storing habits). We are just saying that Bosch may be onto something with its slim-form “luxury appliance” innovation, and, in a food society that seems to be leaning toward fresh over frozen, we may see more in the way of 10 cu.-in. appliances.

Bosch B10CB80NVS Breakdown

Bosch has racked up acclaim over the years for its award-winning dishwashers, but what makes the company think it can get into the refrigerator market? Well, only time will tell. Many reviewers agree that their fridges are well made, but let’s break down the features in order to get a better look at the Bosch B10CB80NVS, with help from our friends at Reviewed.

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting                     illuminates the interior from above.
  • VitaFresh drawers offer humidity-            controlled environments for extra                crispness and to extend the life of ripe        fruit.
  • The wine rack allows for the storage of    five wine bottles at an angle that                 prevents them from being disturbed.
  • Hidden hinges provide sturdy support        and smooth opening and, as well as            maintaining the sleek look of stainless        steel.
  • Dual evaporators mean that food stays        fresher longer. An evaporator in the              freezer and one in the fridge means off          odors are quickly removed and have less        of a chance of transferring to other food.
  • Full-width glass shelves offer a full view     of your food, and the shelves’ sleek metal     trim adds an elegant look.
  • An open door alarm and an Energy Star       rating means your fridge will be as energy     efficient as possible.
  • That is quite a list of features, but we understand that the price tag for a 10 cubic-foot fridge can be a little tough to swallow, and, if you are not brand-loyal, there are other small-form options out there made by GE, Samsung, Liebherr, and Haier.

    And there are criticisms, including that, besides the lighting, there aren’t really any other innovative features at all. The ice-maker position in the freezer takes up a lot of room, the crisper drawers don’t live up to the hype, and the egg holders can only accommodate eight eggs each, which makes for some interesting calculations.

    However, despite all of this, the Bosch 800 series line comes with a one-year warranty and is available in three variants: Black Glass, White Glass, and Glass on Stainless Steel.

    Bosch B10CB80NVS Inside and Out

    Inside, the Bosch B10CB80NVS has LED lights and 10 cubic feet of storage, while most "full-size" refrigerators in the US today have at least 18 -20 or so cubic feet of space. This makes Bosch's glass door 800 line markedly on the small side. But that is okay with Bosch. In fact, it is kind of right where they want to be, as they have identified the small fridge as an untapped market.

    After all, it is refreshing to see a little fridge do many of the things the luxury models do, so let’s take another look at those specs.

  • The LED lighting is very bright and             saves energy.
  • Ideal for compact kitchens and                   apartments.
  • HydroFresh drawer keeps produce           fresher longer.
  • Energy Star rated for 435 kWh/Yr.
  • Wine rack offers wine chilling options.
  • Plus, the Bosch B10CB80NVS’s innovative Jenn-Air technology means you will get a SuperFreezing function that ensures that new food is frozen quickly. This feature also safeguards the minimum temperature of the freezer, avoiding defrosting and a loss of flavor in food.

    You will also get the SuperCool function, which is triggered when someone opens the fridge door, a seemingly harmless activity that causes the internal temperature to rapidly drop and foods to potentially spoil. It kicks in when the door is open and shuts down six minutes later to conserve power, keeping all of your fridge food fresh and cool.

    Unlike conventional fridges, Bosch’s NoFrost technology works on permanently collected humid air in a central chilling unit. The humid air is transformed into condensation, and it is channeled outside of the fridge where it evaporates naturally.

    There will be no ice buildup, and manually defrosting your fridge and freezer is no longer a neccesary chore, as condensation is removed for you. So no matter how full your refrigerator and freezer get, you can count on Bosch to prevent frost with its NoFrost innovation.

    Bosch’s NoFrost technology also permanently collects all humidity in a central chiller unit, so your fridge automatically defrosts on a frequent basis. The resulting condensation is elegantly transported out of the fridge, where it evaporates in the ambient surroundings. NoFrost means no ice and no manual defrosting, and that is impressive.

    It is almost as impressive as the fan-assisted MultiAirflow, which boosts circulation inside of the appliance and maintains constant temperature and humidity levels. Despite the use of crisper drawers, all food in the Bosch B10CB80NVS should stay fresher longer, and fluctuations in temperature dissipate quickly.

    Bosch B10CB80NVS Wrap-Up

    character carrying fridge

    The Bosch B10CB80NVS is a beautifully designed refrigerator loaded with modern technology. On top of its NoFrost and MultiAirflow features, SuperCool function, and JennAir technology, this fridge also boasts of hidden hinges, Wi-Fi connectivity with Home Connect, dual evaporators, and electronic controls. All these round out the amenities on this tech-heavy, slim fridge with a full-size refrigerator complex.

    In conclusion, the Bosch B10CB80NVS is a counter-depth, handle-free glass door option that offers a bevy of features and an ultra-slim stance that may be a little pricey but helps to break up the dull, smaller fridge market. So, while downsizing a fridge may call to mind hunks of drab white or black plastic, it no longer has to be that way.

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