Since their humble origins in 1850, these incredible machines have evolved significantly. Modern dishwashers are so advanced that many homeowners can’t imagine living without one.

Even though each dishwasher has a long life-span, it still must be replaced every now and then. Most experts recommend replacing one every 10 years or so. Most importantly, experts recommend taking care of it when you do use it, as this will increase its longevity.

In this article, we discuss a dishwasher model by the company Bosch, specifically the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC. First, we will give an overview of this dishwasher before discussing its benefits and drawbacks. Then, we compare this dishwasher to competitor products, offering our final take as to whether this product is worthwhile.

An Overview of the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC

The Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC costs $799.00 and fits a 24-inch wide space.

This dishwasher is made from stainless steel and has 4 different programs that users can select from when starting a cycle. Each of these varies by water temperature used and length of cycle.

There are 5 additional options to select in order to modify how this dishwasher works, including a Sanitize option that increases the water temperature and maximizes the drying results of your dishes.

This dishwasher displays the remaining time on each cycle and is Energy Star certified.

This dishwasher has a 46 dBA, which is a noise level rating that refers to the decibels emitted by the dishwasher. The lower the number, the quieter the dishwasher.

The Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC also projects a red light on the floor while the dishwasher is running.

Additionally, this dishwasher has two racks. The upper rack features RackMatic technology which allows its height and position to be adjusted.

The Benefits of the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC

Before we even get into the nuances of its features, it should be noted at the outset that the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC is a sleek, sexy, futuristic-looking dishwasher that dovetails perfectly with any modern kitchen. Its stainless steel constitution gives it an elegant luster that also makes it easier to clean.

Thus, you can be proud of your dishwasher finally, no longer dreading guests due to how ugly your dishwasher is. Many homeowners consider the appliances in their home to be an extension of their personality, so it makes sense to own a dishwasher made from stainless steel in the 21st century. This material is more durable than plastic when interacting with food and liquid, and it also looks more stylish. This is especially the case when other appliances in your home are made from stainless steel.

Many dishwashers overtly announce their presence in any room due to their aesthetics. They are like an eyesore that instantly becomes a conversation piece due to their contrast with the rest of the house.

You don’t have to worry about this happening with the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC. Most guests will rarely notice it, and if they do, it will likely be to comment on its minimal, yet sophisticated design. Some guests don’t even know what it is at first, as it blends so well with adjacent structures in your kitchen.

The Benefits of the RackMatic Technology

rackmatic technology

Image from Bosch Website

The RackMatic technology that is featured on the upper rack of this dishwasher makes it dynamic for many kinds of users.

This technology allows you to change either the height or position of the upper rack, which would be perfect if you wanted to put larger items in the dishwasher.

Dishwashers without RackMatic technology might not be able to accommodate some larger dishes. This makes them not ideal for parties where guests often bring their own dishes. In these situations, you want to have a flexible dishwasher that can adjust to new circumstances.

Many homeowners entertaining guests like to give their guests back clean dishes before they leave. However, this level of hospitality would be difficult to accomplish if your guest happened to bring some kind of dish that didn’t fit on the lower rack of your dishwasher. Or, sometimes these larger dishes do fit, but this results in no room for medium-sized dishes like wine glasses. Yet, these medium-sized dishes might not fit in the upper rack either, especially if it can’t be modified.

Homeowners with the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC will be prepared in these scenarios with the RackMatic technology. Not to mention, they will be supported by the SpeedPerfect wash option as well as the Rinse program. Both of these facilitate faster cleaning cycles, allowing you to return dishes to your guests quickly.

The RackMatic technology on the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC is beneficial also outside of parties or special events. In general, this technology makes your dishwasher more efficient at storing dishes. This allows you to run the dishwasher less, as you can fit more dishes in with each load. This could lead to significant savings over a long period of time.

The Benefits of the Sound Level


Image from Bosch Website

This dishwasher is also attractive because of how quiet it is.

Many homeowners depend on their dishwasher to quickly wash their dashes but lament the excruciating noise its produce. This leads them to avoid running cycles, which can lead to a lack of clean dishes and a generally dirtier house.

Alternatively, some people spend lots of mental energy planning when to run their dishwasher to avoid any sound disturbances. These efforts rarely work, as even running your dishwasher at night can interrupt your family’s sleep.

Even though this Bosch dishwasher has a delay setting if you want to accomplish this kind of planned cycle, this would be more ideal if you were focused on controlling how and when your water supply was used. Many homeowners do this in order to make their energy use more efficient when they shower near meal times.

The quiet performance of this dishwasher makes it ideal for any sensitive homeowner who is craving peace and relaxation. Many homeowners are homebodies, yet their experience can be impacted by a noisy dishwasher. Even though there are some techniques you can adopt to overcome this noise, ultimately the best approach is to just avoid these noisy machines. Instead, opt for dishwashers like the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC.

The Benefits of the Energy Star Certification

​It’s also important to note the Energy Star certification on this device. Many products have this certification, but it’s still a relevant factor to consider.

Dishwashers with this certification must meet stringent energy efficiency standards that are set by the EPA. Many customers consider this the gold star in the industry when it comes to environmental impact. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, save water, and save money, then these are the kinds of dishwashers to go with.

This is an important distinction in our society, especially as rising population levels making energy efficiency more critical than ever before. Regardless of what kind of energy we use to power our appliances in the future, it’s important that our energy usage be as efficient as possible in the present. This will give us greater flexibility in the future as we transition to using cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

Dishwashers without an Energy Star certification don’t support this trend towards environmental sustainability, using more energy than is necessary and putting future generations at risk for not being able to power their technology.

The Drawbacks of the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC

Despite the benefits described above, the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC has some drawbacks that are worth noting.

First of all, even though 46 dBA is a low rating in terms of sound level, there are many other dishwashers on the market with lower ratings, many in the lower 40’s or even upper 30’s. This means that customers interested in the sound of their dishwasher can likely get a quieter machine if they pay more money.

Additionally, some customers have lamented that the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC doesn’t have a third rack, which some of the most expensive Bosch dishwashers have. This third rack makes the dishwasher more dynamic and allows users to store miscellaneous items that don’t fit on the other two racks.

Lastly, some customers have lamented the red light that is displayed on the floor while the dishwasher is running. It’s not clear if this light can be removed or not, but some customers claim that it’s just another feature to consider on this dishwasher.

These users claim that the presence of the light encourages them to use it as an indication of the progress of each dishwasher cycle. Yet, this makes the user more aware of the dishwasher as it’s being used. These users claim that this awareness is counter-intuitive to dishwashers which are meant to minimize your life and free you from having to worry about traditional responsibilities like cleaning dishes. If you are constantly checking the red-light status on your dishwasher, it hasn’t really done its job.

In this sense, some users would prefer a dishwasher without a red light indicator. This would make for a simpler dishwasher that does a better job staying in the background of your life.

How does the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC Compare to Other Products?

KitchenAid makes a comparable 24-inch dishwasher called the KitchenAid KDTE254ESS. This product can be purchased for $575.

It’s made from stainless steel and includes a third rack, which is a feature the Bosch 300 Series doesn’t have. It also features a number of programs and options that give users control over how each cycle is run.

Both dishwashers offer settings that select the ideal cycle based on soil level and load size. This translates to less time spent tinkering with the dishwasher and more time spent enjoying clean dishes.

The KitchenAid dishwasher isn’t Energy Star certified, meaning it’s not as efficient as the Bosch 300 Series.

This is a deal breaker for many customers, even those focused on affordable prices. Initial savings on cheaper dishwashers might be negated by higher energy bills over the long run. Additionally, initial savings could not possibly make up for the future costs of environmental degradation.  Make sure you consider these factors before impulsively purchasing the KitchenAid model based on price alone.

​Our Final Thoughts on the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC​​​​

​We think many dishwashers exist at the $800 price point, but that few offer the level of durability, speed, and efficiency that the Bosch 300 Series DLXSHP53TL5UC offers.

We think this Bosch dishwasher is silent but effective, though quieter dishwashers certainly exist. If the sound level of your dishwasher is the most critical factor, then we suggest dishing out several hundred more dollars for a model with a lower noise level. For example, the Bosch 800 Series SHPM98W75Nhas a 39 dBA and costs $1124.99.

At the end of the day, it can be easy to overestimate our level of sensitivity when it comes to the sounds of our appliances. This can lead to seeking a dishwasher that produces no audible sound, though this is an impossible task.

​Sometimes the solution to our sound sensitivity is not to spend more money on a quieter dishwasher but to go outside and soak in the sounds of nature. Perhaps the dishwasher sounds are pushing you to explore your natural environment.

We think in an ideal world, dishwashers would be rarely used. They would be relied upon more in specialized situations when cleaning many dishes at once is desired.

Yet, even in these situations, dishwashers use significant energy and are ultimately unnecessary. While they certainly improve our lives in the short term, their typical reliance on unsustainable energy puts the planet at risk, which could impact our lives negatively in the long term.

We think that future dishwashers will make use of sustainable resources like solar and wind energy in order to operate. This will allow us to enjoy their benefits without worrying about the health of our planet.


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