A washer and dryer are important appliances to have in the 21st
century, especially if you have children.

Yet, not all washers and dryers are created equally.

One distinction that has become relevant recently is the energy efficiency of your washer and dryer.

The main benchmark when it comes to washer and dryer energy efficiency is the Energy Star certification. In order to receive this distinction, the washer and dryer must fulfill strict standards that promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. These are set by the EPA.

If a washer or dryer has this certification, then you can be assured the machine has been designed to save you energy, water, and resources. Ultimately, it’s been designed to protect the planet.

While this certification is certainly important, the most energy efficient washer and dryers will go above and beyond these requirements and innovate with regards to energy efficiency.

In this article, we discuss the best energy efficient washer and dryer,
specifically the Samsung WV9900 Washer and the Samsung DV9900 dryer. First, we give an overview of these appliances, discussing their benefits and drawbacks. Then, we compare these appliances to other energy efficient washer and dryers on the market, noting why we think the Samsung models are superior. Finally, we offer our thoughts on the future of energy efficient washer and dryers.

Best Energy Efficient Washer And Dryer

An Overview Of The Samsung WV9900 Washer 

Samsung WV60M9900AV/WV60M9900AV/A5/WV60M9900AV/A5 6.0 Cu. Ft. Black...
  • 1.0 Cu. Ft. Top / 5.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom Capacity
  • 13 Cycles / 11 Options / 5 Temperatures
  • FlexWash / Steam Clean

The Samsung WV9900 Washer can be purchased for $1894 in either a black or white color. Both models come in stainless steel, though only the black color offers fingerprint resistant material on the surface of the machine.

This machine has a 6-cubic-foot capacity, though this capacity is spread out between two distinct washers. A bottom washer has a 5-cubic-foot capacity while a small top washer has a 1-cubic-foot capacity. Both of these washers can be run at the same time using different settings, drawing upon Samsung’s FlexWash technology to
achieve this feat.

This washer also allows users to steam wash their clothes.

Additionally, it has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to interact with their machine using their smartphone.

This washer also features VRT Plus Technology, which is designed to reduce the vibration caused by the washer running its cycle. This results in a quieter performance that will dovetail well with sensitive households.

There are 12 wash cycles that users can choose from as well as a number of spin, temperature, and soil settings that customers can manually set.

This washer is Energy Star certified. The upper washer is estimated to consume 60 kWh/year while the lower washer is estimated to consume 105 kWh/year.

The Benefits Of The Dual

washing machine and towel

Image by pixabay

The main benefit of this energy efficient washer and dryer is the dual washing spaces.

The lower washer is relatively large, allowing users to wash about 20 pounds of laundry. This makes it ideal for a family that washes lots of clothes every week.

The top washer is much smaller, though it will still allow you to wash 3 to 4
pounds of laundry.

This makes it ideal for smaller loads or any load that needs a specialized setting or option applied.

Many families will start a larger load in the bottom dryer only to realize about halfway through that they need to do several additional shirts. Instead of waiting until the current cycle is done to start another one, users in this
situation can just start a load instantly using the smaller washer. This allows
the user to save time as well as energy.

Time is saved because the user does not have to start and check on an additional load that only runs several shirts. This could be crucial if you are in a rush, as some users like to tightly schedule their laundry hour to barely fit with the rest of their day. If something unpredictable happens, then their schedule could be thrown off.

By using this energy-efficient Samsung washer, you can avoid having your laundry routine disturbed just because you forgot to include a shirt. Instead, you can stay calm, use the top washer, and still be on time to that dinner date.

Furthermore, energy is saved because the second washer encourages customers to clean all their clothes at once. Most washers will require customers start a new load later on if they forgot to include articles of clothing.

Yet, even if these machines are able to adjust the water and energy to accommodate a cycle of only several shirts, this is still quite inefficient in the grand scheme of things. No matter how efficient your washer is, if you wash only several shirts, you won’t be maximizing the potential of your washer.

The Benefits For
Sensitive Users

Some users are sensitive when it comes to washing their clothes with other house holdmember’s clothes. This can especially be the case if you are living with roommates whom you don’t know well.

If you are looking to purchase an energy-efficient washer for a space like this,then the small washer might be perfect for users that don’t want to mix their clothes with a roommate’s.

This happens quite often in larger houses. Some roommates might have very dirty clothes due to their job while another roommate might just simply want to wash a white button-down shirt. In this situation, it might be more appropriate to separate the loads between the upper and lower dryer.

This would prevent the roommate’s button-down from being compromised in any way. Even though this might seem irrational, many users are really this sensitive when it comes to their clothes, so having the option of the second washer is crucial.

An Overview Of The Samsung DV9900 Dryer

Samsung DVE60M9900V/DVE60M9900V/A3/DVE60M9900V/A3 7.5 Cu. Ft. Black...
  • 7.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity Stainless Steel Drum
  • FlexDry / Delicate Dryer / Multi-Steam Technology
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity / Eco Dry / Sensor Dry

The Samsung DV9900 Dryer is a gas dryer that can be purchased for $1988. It’s available in either black or white stainless steel, with the black option being fingerprint-resistant.

This energy-efficient dryer has a 7.5-cubic-foot capacity on the main lower dryer. There is also a second delicate dryer on top of the machine that does not tumble your clothes, allowing you to flat dry more sensitive articles.

This dryer features Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning it can be monitored using a mobile application on your smart phone.

Furthermore, it’s Energy Star certified. It’s estimated that this dryer takes about 75 minutes to dry 8 pounds of laundry, which would entail filling up the bottom dryer to about half capacity. 

There are 12 different drying cycles that customers can use as well as a number of other settings and options to choose from in order to control each load to your liking.

Lastly, this dryer pairs perfectly with the Samsung washer discussed above. Not only do they look similar, but they have almost identical features.

The Benefits Of The Smart Control

While we didn’t discuss it with regards to the Samsung washer, the smart controls on both the washer and dryer represent a significant feature that many users will appreciate.

This technology allows the washer and dryer to be monitored from your smartphone using the Samsung Smart Home app. You can easily receive alerts when a cycle is over or check how much time is remaining on a current load. You can also schedule future cycles.

This would be a handy feature if you lived in a large house and wanted to avoid walking a long distance in order to check the status of your clothes. Instead, you can check the status without any movement required.

This could allow you to be more productive, as constantly getting up to check on a cycle can be disruptive for your workflow. Furthermore, even if we don’t actually get up to check, being unaware of the time remaining on a cycle might stress us out if we are multi-tasking.

Yet, you can prevent this stress from becoming overwhelming by programming the mobile app to alert you when the cycle is over. Then, you can devote all your energy to the moment at hand instead of anticipating some mundane future event.

This might seem insignificant at first, but anyone that works from home will
appreciate these smart controls. Essentially, they will allow you to have more remote control over your energy-efficient washer and dryer. This is a functionality that you simply don’t get with other energy efficient washer and dryers.

Imagine, for example, that a writer is working diligently on an assignment while waiting for a drying cycle to finish. Perhaps the writer has planned to take a break from writing, eat lunch, and collect his cleaned clothes once the dryer is finished.

With the guidance of the mobile app, this writer can work hard up to the very last second before having to take a break. This could allow the writer to get into a flow state, leading to optimal creativity.

If the writer had a washer and dryer combination that didn’t have smart controls,he might have to halt a productive flow state prematurely in anticipation of the end of the cycle. Or, the writer might have to change the location where he is writing to a place where he can visually monitor the cycle. However, these changes could prove costly for productivity.

The Drawbacks Of This Energy Efficient Washer And Dryer

Really, the only drawback of this energy-efficient washer and dryer is the cost.

Between the washer and dryer, customers will spend almost $$$ on a new system. While the many features of these machines will validate
the price tag for some users, other users might not need every feature and so could benefit from a cheaper washer-and-dryer combination.

For example, a couple with only 1 child certainly would benefit from an energy efficient washer and dryer. However, they might not need two containers for their clothes or the smart controls. These features are quite advanced, causing the appliances to be expensive.

These customers would benefit from a washer and energy that is still Energy Star certified but is simpler with more basic functionality. These washer and dryers shouldn’t cost more than $$ in total, which is almost half the cost of these Samsung products.

Furthermore, some customers claim that the front-loading containers can be painful to use for some customers that have difficulty bending over. This is especially the case if you have back problems, as having to load clothes into a space so low to the ground can be irritating. These customers would benefit from a washer and dryer that is only top-loading, meaning you never have to bend down to use it.

While these top-loading machines are usually less efficient than front-loading machines, they put less pressure on your muscles and joints. This makes them ideal for some older users.

Our Final Thoughts On Energy Efficient Washer And Dryers

General Electric is another popular manufacturer of energy efficient washer and dryers.

General Electric offers many models that are Energy Star certified, like the General Electric GFW450SPMDG washer. This washer costs $ and has a 4.5 cubic foot capacity.

Many of these General Electric models are designed to handle relatively smaller loads than the Samsung machines. This makes the General Electric models ideal for houses that don’t do large loads often.

One problem with many of these smaller appliances is that customers will lose out on cutting-edge features, like controlling them through your smart phone.

While we can understand skipping out on these features if you are on an extreme budget, we think the future entails integrating your personal devices with your appliances, and will be the norm in the future. In this sense, the earlier you can jump on this bandwagon, the better.

Even though adopting this technology might entail a greater investment at first, this will pay off over time as more and more of your appliances take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity. Eventually, every energy-intensive process  in your home will be able to be accessed via your smartphone, or perhaps a computer chip implanted in your skin.

We think choosing the Samsung washer and dryer combination discussed above will prepare you for this future before it fully manifests.



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